Career & College Connections Center


Welcome to all things new in 2020!

Keeping up with all of the changes this year means new opportunities to engage with you, in the classroom, and virtually. This year, the Connections curriculum will be available online via Schoology.

We will continue to utilize Naviance and other tools to help you build your PWR Plan (Post-Secondary and Workforce Readiness) to transition from TCA2Life! 
Throughout the year, you will find answers to your questions, announcements, and HOW TO recordings in your Schoology Connections class. 

College and career visits will be virtual first semester. College admissions staff will sign up for virtual times. YOU can learn about these opportunities in two ways:

SAVE "Colleges I Am Thinking About" in your Naviance account. You will receive an invite for their session times. 
Connect Rep Visits & Connections family calendar to your own calendar. 

How to log into Naviance

How to submit community service requirements

Announcements now in Schoology account under UPDATES

Upcoming Connections Events and Important Dates:
Save dates from our Connections Family Calendar below.

How to add Google Calendar:
Add Family Calendar
Add RepVisits(Career & College Events during school hours) 
Quick video with directions

TCA School Code 060-252
(This code may be referred to as C.E.E.B. code or high school code. It is used for the ACT, SAT, or college/scholarship applications).
Connections Center Hours (August-May): 
Monday- Friday 7:15am-3:15pm
Career & College Connections Center; 719-484-0091, ext. 1104
Joanna Peters, Director
Skip Zickmund, Assistant Director,
Soon to be announced, Office Manager (Career and College Presentation Coordinator)
Erin Stanton, Scheduling Specialist,