Welcome Letter 2020-2021

Dear Sixth Grader and your family,

Welcome to junior high! I wish we could be meeting in person. You would be able to see the joy and excitement on my face of you joining us at the junior high. I have held off on starting to turn your focus to next year and officially welcoming you to allow you time to manage ending your elementary years strong during these unique times. I did not want to wait too long to leave you with the feeling that you were forgotten. I also hoped to be able to provide you some specific details about the start of the year. One thing remains true even amid all the unknowns and yet-to-be-determined:  junior high will be great because you will be part of it.


Typically, I would have visited your sixth-grade class to greet you, meet you, and treat you with the joy that is junior high--answering questions and reducing some of the anxiousness that typically accompanies transitioning to a new campus. We would have been together at the Rising Seventh Grade Orientation and I would have shared too many details about junior high life. I still do not want to miss the opportunity to get to know you and make sure that you know that you have someone who cares about you at the junior high to ease your transition.  I make it a personal goal to memorize every seventh grader’s name within the first 10 days of school and I do not want this year to be any different.


Telling you about junior high and getting to know you should be our top priorities, but both of these will be exceedingly more difficult since we will not be able to meet in person while we are confined to the digital world. My hope is to try to meet these needs through short videos, emails, information sheets, and a little work on your end. I definitely am not an actor, director, or producer of quality films so the information will not be anything like us meeting in person and carrying on conversations.  It is the best we have for now. The more information you get, the more questions you will want answered to help you feel comfortable. This will be part of the work on your end. If you need to know something to alleviate some of your anxiousness, you will need to send me a question. I will always respond. Remember to be patient waiting for my response, there are about 216 seventh graders next year plus some nervous parents that could be asking questions.

Here is your first junior high at-home assignment. Do not spend too much time completing it. You will follow this link to watch a short video from me and then send me some information through an online form. The information on the form will hopefully help me start to know you as an individual.

            Link to my Welcome Sixth Graders video

            Link to Mr. D Wants To Get To know You form

Link to Welcome Class of 2026 Information Page

I am looking forward to seeing your responses and getting to know you over the next year. I will try to answer questions through a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list or by directly emailing you a response.


Hugh Di Pretore (Mr. D)
Junior High Principal
The Classical Academy


PS - Parents, I know that your child may not be the only ones anxious about starting junior high. I encourage you to watch the videos and read the information sheets with your child, send me an email if you need to know something to alleviate some of your anxiousness. I will always respond. Remember to be patient waiting for my response, there are about 216 seventh graders next year and their parents that could be asking questions.