Welcome to TCA!

  • How is TCA Different from other schools?

    Parents look to TCA as a skilled and passionate partner in the educational journey of their school-age children--a journey toward becoming thoughtful, virtuous, and wise individuals, today and tomorrow. Within this values-centered learning community, TCA's dedicated faculty cultivates and unleashes the natural curiosity of learners through a stimulating, classically inspired curriculum. We are a relational learning community committed to the following endeavors:

    • Growing the whole person in mind, body, and spirit
    • Valuing the K-12th grade experience
    • Treasuring small class size
    • Engaging students’ minds through thoughtful questioning
    • Adopting a uniform/dress code policy
    • Teaching and modeling virtuous character from kindergarten to graduation

    We encourage you to read our Core Values for more in-depth inquiry into what we believe and how we are different.

    What is the Traditional Program?

    This is the "regular" Monday-Friday, 7 hours-a-day school program (half-days on Fridays for elementary students). Traditional program Kindergarten students attend only a half-day, either morning or afternoon, Monday through Thursdays, no Fridays. TCA does not offer full-time Kindergarten classes.

    What are the Homeschool options?

    The Cottage School Program (CSP)is a K-6 enrichment program for homeschooling families to attend classes at TCA. Students attend 1 day (1-6 only) or 2 half day (Kinder only) sessions per week covering Language Arts, Art, Music, and PE. Parents are responsible for teaching all other core subjects (i.e. Math, Science, Reading, etc.)

    College Pathways (CP) serves students in grades 7-12 and is a hybrid online program offering TCA core academic curriculum and electives leading to free early college opportunities at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) for qualified students. Students carry either a full or part-time load at CP.

    How many students attend TCA?

    Currently, we have approximately 3,600 students across all our campuses (Central, East, North Elementary/Secondary) and programs (Traditional and CSP/CP).

    How do I enroll at TCA?

    TCA is a waitlist school meaning students must be waitlisted and are then offered admission based on a first-come, first served priority.  Because we are a waitlist school, TCA is not a District 20 CHOICE option. In addition, registration for TCA is completed after an offer of admission has been received by the student.  TCA does not accept mid-year enrollments; the latest a student can start school is October 1.

    How does the waitlist work?

    We encourage parents to place their children on the waitlist via the Wait List Application as soon as possible, as students are offered seats on a first-come, first-served, prioritized waitlist. Please see the Wait List Process page for more information.
    District 20 requires that TCA prioritize D20 students over non-D20 students. If you live out of D20, it is still in your best interest to sign your child up, even though you are out-of-district. If you should ever move into D20, notify the Registrar’s office and you will be given D20 priority. This means your child will move up based on the original time and date you signed them up, not the time and date you notified TCA of the D20 move.

    Please note, if you want to waitlist your child for Kindergarten or 1st grade, TCA requires incoming Traditional and Cottage School Program children to be 5 by June 1 of the year they start Kindergarten, and 6 by June 1 of the year they start First Grade. When we review the child’s record from the online wait list submissions, we will confirm that the child is placed in the year that he/she will be 5 or 6 by the program’s age deadline.

    How do I contact the Registrar's office? 

    E-mail TCARegistrar@asd20.org or call: 
    Karen Lujan , Asst. Registrar - Records & Transcripts: 719-488-6281 
    Sherry Cory, Asst. Registrar -Waitlist/Admission Information: 719-488-6229 
    Kayla Harper, Registrar - 719-488-6286 

    Do you offer transportation or daycare?

    TCA does not offer transportation, but encourage neighbor families to carpool together, if possible. If you need daycare that provides transportation, Kindercare or Lionheart Children's Academy may offer bus drop‐off/pick‐up. (TCA does not endorse any daycares.)

    Does TCA charge tuition?

    TCA is a public charter school and does not charge tuition. There are fees for field trips and materials year-to-year. TCA also encourages families to give generously of their time, talent and treasure.  Students are required to wear uniforms and buy appropriate school supplies for class.

    Federal assistance with TCA school fees is available for qualifying families through the Free and Reduced Lunch program at D20.  See https://www.asd20.org/nutrition-and-food-services/free-and-reduced/ for more information.

    Can my high school student attend college classes while at TCA?

    Yes. Traditional Program students should contact Joanna Peters, College and Career Connections Director, for details. College Pathways Program students should contact Rollie Stoneman, College Pathways Director of College Planning, for details.

    Does TCA offer AP High School classes?

    Yes, Advanced Placement classes are offered. There is a charge for the AP exam at the end of the course, and the student will receive one extra GPA point on their transcript, e.g.: A=5 points. How students score on AP exams (from 0-5) determines if the student will be awarded college credit. 

Scheduling a Campus Tour

  • Tours for Prospective Kindergarten Families:
    TCA offers tours to prospective kindergarten parents September - November and January-March  on a weekly basis each school year.  We look forward to meeting you in person and are happy you are considering TCA for your family.

    Sign up for scheduled tours below (please only sign up for one tour, all tours are the same information).

    North Elementary Tour - Friday, October 21, 2022 1PM
    East Elementary Tour - Friday, October 28 2022  1PM
    Central Elementary Tour - Friday, September 30, 2022 1PM


    ** Please contact Tisha Harris at tharris1@asd20.org with questions***

    College Pathways Tours:
    For questions about College Pathways, please contact Nikki Upchurch (nupchurch@asd20.org), Educational Philosophy/Character Coordinator, for additional information.

    Cottage School Program Tours
    If you have additional questions about Cottage School, please contact Stefanie Hille, Assistant Principal at Cottage School (shille@asd20.org).

    Other Tours:
    Due to the large number of tour requests, we regret that we cannot accommodate tours for other elementary grades or at the Traditional Secondary level (grades 7-12).  Please do not request tours directly from the school offices.  Thank you for your understanding.

  • To contact the Registrar at TCA
    Please email, fax, or call our office if you have any questions:

    Attn: Registrar
    975 Stout Road
    Colorado Springs, CO 80921

    Kayla Harper, Registrar - 719-488-6286 

    Karen Lujan, Records & Transcripts: 719-488-6281 
    Sherry Cory, Waitlist/Admission Information: 719-488-6229 

    Fax: 888-850-2773