How the TCA Waitlist Works

  • Enrollment in The Classical Academy (TCA) charter school is available to all students, including students with disabilities, and information about disabilities will not be requested until a student has been admitted and enrolled in a charter school. For questions regarding the admission and enrollment of students, including students with disabilities, at The Classical Academy, please contact Kayla Harper, Registrar.

    We encourage parents to get their children on the waitlist via the "Waitlist Applications" link as soon as possible. Enrollment is offered in waitlist order and based on the priority statuses below. Academy School District 20 (D20) students within each category are selected to fill vacancies before out-of-district students.

    1. Children of TCA staff 
    2. Legacy Status students (long term students who are withdrawn and out of El Paso County for one year)
    3. Siblings of enrolled students in the list's program
    4. Currently enrolled students in a different TCA program
    5. Previously enrolled students
    6. Other new students

    We are required by D20 to prioritize D20 students over out-of-district students. However, if you live out-of-district, we still welcome your child’s application. If you move into D20, notify the Registrar’s Office and you will be given D20 priority. This means your child will move up the waitlist based on the original time/date you completed the wait list application.  If you receive an offer of admission based on D20 residency but move out of the district before school starts, your offer will be rescinded and your child's name will be returned to the waitlist based on time and date of application with out-of-district status.

    Please note the Following: 

    • Each child only needs to be put on each waitlist once (Traditional or Non-Traditional (College Pathways(CP)/Cottage School Program(CSP)

    • You may only wait list your child for ONE year/grade level. Please note, the TCA Traditional program does not enroll or re-enroll students at the 11th or 12th grade levels. 

    • If not offered enrollment, waitlist applicants will automatically roll forward to the next academic year’s waitlist for that program.

    • The Traditional Program and Non-Traditional Program (CP/CSP) lists are separate. If you would like your child to be on the waitlist for both, you must fill out a Traditional Program waitlist AND a Non-Traditional waitlist application.

    • In general, offers continue until September 30 of the school year or until all seats are filled. Any applications received after September 30 for the current academic year will automatically be rolled to the next academic year. Please note: College Pathways 11th and 12th grade students' wait list applications must be received by April 20th in order to be considered for the upcoming academic year. 


    To place your child on the waitlist, please fill out a Waitlist Application for each child for the year you wish to enroll him/her. TCA requires incoming Kindergarteners-1st graders in all programs to be 5 and 6, respectively, by June 1 of the year they start K and 1st grades. As we review the child’s record from the online wait list submission, we will confirm that the child is placed in the correct year.

    DOB is ON or BEFORE June 1 of: List this Kinder Year  DOB is AFTER June 1 of: List this Kinder Year
    2018  2023-2024  2018  2024-2025
    2019  2024-2025  2019  2025-2026
    2020  2025-2026  2020  2026-2027
    2021  2026-2027  2021  2027-2028
    2022  2027-2028  2022  2028-2029
    2023 2028-2029  2023  2029-2030
    2024 2029-2030  2024  2030-2031

    Students will be removed from the waitlist when parents have been notified of an opening and have declined enrollment. Students may also be removed when TCA has attempted to contact the parents, but contact information has become outdated or there is no response. E-mail is our primary method of contacting families. Thank you for keeping us updated if ANY of your contact information changes.

    If you would like to inquire about your child's status on the waitlist please email and include the student's full name, date of birth and expected start year.