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The Classical Academy Process for Student Teacher Applicants


    1. Prerequisites:
      • Current GPA (4.0 scale) in endorsement/emphasis area of 2.75 or higher
      • Willing to learn TCA’s instructional philosophy and apply it throughout the experience
      • Willing to accept the guidance of a supervising teacher and other staff members
      • Demonstrated commitment to students and learning/teaching
    2. Application Process:
      1. Submit a completed Student Teacher Placement Application for either Elementary or Secondary. These can be found by visiting the TCA website at
      2. You will be contacted by Human Resources to submit a copy of your transcripts and a Placement Request letter from your university program
      3. Once these additional documents are submitted, the Dean of Educational Philosophy will contact you for a brief interview.
      4. You will be contacted by Human Resources to undergo a background check and fingerprinting.
        • Please note that there will be an out-of-pocket cost of $6.00 for the background check, and $54.50 for fingerprinting.
        • Once your background check and fingerprints have been completed, you should receive notice of placement or denial of placement within 2-3 weeks.
        • If you have not heard from us within three weeks of sending your student teaching placement request materials, please contact Human Resources at or 719-488-6232 for a status update on your placement.
    3. Additional Notes:
      • You are responsible for informing TCA of the qualifications required by your college/university program for the supervising teacher. It is also your responsibility, once placement is offered, to ensure that your supervising teacher’s endorsements and experience satisfy your college/university program requirements.
      • TCA has total discretion in deciding whether a student teacher candidate is accepted for placement.

TCA Student Teacher Resources and Forms