TCA North Elementary Library

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    Library Hours:  
    Monday - Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

  • Library Mission Statement

    The purpose of The Classical Academy Libraries is to provide rich resources and instruction for student growth by supporting the TCA curriculum, developing an appreciation of literature, and helping students to grow in wisdom, virtue and creativity through a joy of reading.  The library collection is thoughtfully selected to prepare students for adult citizenship, while honoring age appropriate innocence.


  • Creating a MackinVIA (VIA) Backpack/Account

    If you want to check-out, take notes from an ebook and/or keep a list of favorites, you must create a personal backpack.

    • Access your TCA Campus VIA catalog by using the Guest user login. Contact Mrs. White for the Guest username and password associated with the TCA North Elementary campus.
    • Go to the “Log In” notation at the top right of the page.
    • On the log in screen, select “Register”.
    • Create a free backpack/registration.We suggest using your TCA network credentials (username and password) for easy remembering.
    • Adding your email address will allow VIA to email you when items are due or when holds come in for you.
    • Adding your first and last name will help your campus librarian identify your account in case you need help.
    • Click “Save”.
    • The next time you visit your TCA Campus VIA use your backpack username and password to log in instead of the guest username and password.
    • Search, find, check-out, enjoy!

    Learn more about MackinVIA by watching this Quick Look video.

    Click here to go to MackinVIA.