Sent:                                           Friday, September 2, 2022 9:19 AM

To:                                               TCA Hugh DiPretore

Subject:                                     TCA JH - Continue the Conversation - September 2, 2022 -- Test Message


Dear Junior High parents,

I hope your child is enjoying junior high. In my last email, I shared about our weekly Titan Teams that are held on Wednesdays.  This time is an opportunity to build community through connecting with others, share important information, and hold conversations explicitly about character. Each week, we will post the information shared during Titan Teams on our website to offer families an opportunity to continue the conversation at home. Conversations around your dinner table offer an incredible opportunity in a more intimate setting for your child to think through these topics in greater depth.  We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with parents and assist you in your child's development towards exemplary citizenship.


This week we started our conversations about Scholarly Essentials. There are two PowerPoints for this week's conversations. I have also posted our conversations over the past week that help students Strive to Be Our Best  and talk through Four Mandatory Training Areas. We talk through these topics each year with our students. These PowerPoint presentations talk about serious discipline issues that could lead to suspension or expulsion. Issues of this nature are difficult for students, families, and schools. It is our hope that discussing these difficult topics in advance will help students in their decision making processes and provide families with information to talk about with their child at the start of the year. 

Link to this Week's PowerPoint Presentations



Hugh Di Pretore

Junior High Principal

The Classical Academy