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Titan of the Year - Call for Nominations

Who is that special TCA teacher or staff member that has made a difference in your child’s life this school year?

Each year parents, students and staff have the privilege of nominating a teacher or staff member who they believe has gone above and beyond the call of duty to inspire and encourage our students. Someone who is dedicated to developing strong character, setting high academic standards, and igniting a love for learning in their student’s hearts. Someone who embodies the mission, values and spirit of TCA.

Nominating someone for “Titan of the Year” is the greatest honor a staff person could receive, and sends a message that what they do is noticed, appreciated, and stands out above the rest in a significant way!

Whether you are a parent, student or TCA staff member, you are able to submit a nomination on who you think is worthy of the title “Titan of the Year” for the 2022-2023 school year.

To submit your nomination and share your story, please fill out the short form on the TCA website by clicking HERE.

All nominations must be submitted BY April 5, 2023 at 3pm. Nominations will be submitted to each school principal for their school. The Principal will forward any nominations worthy of the Titan of the Year to the Committee. The Titan of the Year Committee (comprised of 1 person from each school) will choose 1 Winner to be announced in August 2023. No finalists from each school will be announced.

Individuals may be nominated year after year until they win, but they can only be chosen once as “Titan of the Year.” Please see our previous winners below.

Previous “Titan of the Year” Winners:

2021-22 Hugh DiPretore - Junior High Principal

2020-21: Linda Durck - East 3rd Grade Teacher

2019-20: Lisa Kuyper – Central PE Teacher

2018-19: Jessica Adair-Central 1st Grade Teacher

2017-18: Nikki Upchurch-Educational Philosophy and Health and Wellness Teacher

2016-17: Christina Schwartz-Soper-Secondary Bands Director

2015-16: Lora Hendricks, North Elementary Tutor

2014-15: Candus Muir, Junior High Science Teacher

2013-14: Don Stump, Central Elementary Principal

2012-13: Brenda White, East 3rd Grade Teacher

2011-12: Russ Sojourner, Junior High Principal

2010-11: John Knuth, High School Math Teacher and Golf Coach

2009-10: Diana Burditt, East Elementary Principal

2008-9: Mindy Herd, Central Kindergarten Teacher

2007-8: Sarah Myers, East Kindergarten Teacher

2006-7: Kay Goble, East 1st Grade Teacher

2005-6: Carrie Stedman, Secondary Music Director

2004-5: Leesa Waliszewski, Instructional Philosophy Director

2003-4: Bobby Silva, Interim TCA President



If you have questions about the program or process, you may contact the Titan of the Year Committee at