Our Core Values

Posted by Tisha Harris on 6/2/2023

The Classical Academy (TCA) located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a charter school that is committed to providing its students with a high-quality education that is grounded in a set of core values. These core values are at the heart of TCA's mission and are reflected in everything the school does. Let's take a closer look at these values and what they mean for students, teachers, and parents at TCA.


Documenting our core values was a process. It started with a subcommittee of our board of directors. Over the next two years, the conversation included input from the founding board members, past and present board members, and all of TCA’s administration leadership.

Once it was complete, the board of directors approved it and enjoyed the support of the school administration. It now serves as our compass to keep TCA on its course, both now and in the future.

Dignity and Respect

One of our core pillars is our belief that all humans deserve dignity and respect. This starts with how we treat our children. We also demonstrate a culture of respectful, civil interactions between adults in all situations and, by modeling that, teach our students to do the same.

Unalienable Rights

The Declaration of Independence listed unalienable rights and we build on that. Our children are taught to value freedom and recognize that the sacrifices made by our veterans are something to be honored. We also cultivate a culture of service and placing others first. We develop virtuous character and teach the importance of the Constitution in our lives. In addition, we teach personal economic liberty and the virtue of a free enterprise system.

Exemplary Citizens

At the root of it all, our system is set up to help children grow into exemplary citizens. To achieve that, we start with the idea that education addresses mind, body, and spirit.

We see cultivating virtuous character including excellence with honor, moral courage, compassion, and relational grace as important steps in the development of our children. We believe our education efforts should uplift the student through the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness across disciplines. And we help our students understand the relationship between the domains of science, philosophy, and religion, as well as their limitations.

We also place value on an education that encourages creativity, complex analytical thinking, and discernment while exploring the marketplace of ideas.  We place an emphasis on the study of Western traditions and its ideals of democracy, equality before the law, property rights, political rights, and religious freedom. Additionally, we recognize and value the achievements and contributions of many peoples, cultures, and nations.

Parents First

Our staff is aware of the responsibility and trust being placed in them by our parents and views it as an honor. As part of this, we respect the domain of the home in areas such as sex education and religious upbringing. In turn, we value parents that respect the staff and model respect for their authority in the school domain so their children can learn by that example. Our practices are counter-cultural when culture encourages indulgence. We expect a higher standard of civility and decency from our children, staff, and parents.

These are a few of the Core Values that guide what we do here at The Classical Academy. If you would like to see more about them, please explore our website or contact our offices at 719-484-0091. We look forward to meeting you.

Remembering our Roots