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  • The Mission of TCA:

    The Classical Academy exists to assist parents in their mission to develop exemplary citizens equipped with analytical thinking skills, virtuous character, and a passion for learning, all built upon a solid foundation of knowledge.

  • Jim and Mary Kretchman quotes from TCA Board Working Session | 12.06.2021

    • "After our first draft of the mission statement, it began with 'The mission of TCA is to develop exemplary citizens…' But we knew something important was still missing. It was a concept that all the founders of TCA were really, really passionate about.  It had to do with the word 'Parents.' Where do they fit into this statement?"
    • "When we wrote 'TCA exists to assist parents in THEIR mission…' we were not having a conversation about governance, or about policy, procedures, or day to day operations.  Instead, we were having a conversation about our hopes regarding TCA culture.  The dream was  that we would be a school that would refrain from undermining parents and their values in the domain of the home—that is not typical of public schools.  That is what we meant by the culture we were seeking; there is a mood, a tone, an attitude about wanting to respect and honor the weighty role of being a child’s parent."
    • "Fortunately, one way that we are blessed is that a large number of TCA teachers are also TCA parents. So, the very people in the classroom have a lot of the same concerns about raising kids in this world."
    •  "TCA teachers do more than teach. One of our pillars is virtuous character. We recognize that the faculty and staff are actually SHAPING our kids."
    • "Sometimes, I have heard a problematic question: 'Isn’t TCA a ‘parent-run school?' Now we have clearly shifted the conversation into the realm of governance.   I regret that the 'assist parents' clause seems to invite this confusion.   The Board of Directors actually oversees the running of TCA, dictated by state laws.  At TCA, however, parents elect the Board.  I think that it is wonderful that we have our own elected Board focused exclusively on this school."
    • "I look at this school, the heart behind how it was founded and what the founders cared about… and that idea has persisted for 25 years.  Not many public schools can say, 'THIS is what we are about.  THIS is what you can hold us accountable for.  THIS is how we define success (by the words written in our Core Values document).'"
    • "Numerous times over the years, I have had a preschool parent say to me, 'If I can’t get into TCA, I am going to homeschool.'  That’s a powerful testament to the trust our community has in board, our administration, our staff, and our teachers – because in their eyes,  there is no other school like TCA."