The President's Corner

  • Happy 2023 and welcome to the second half of the school year!  I hope you join me in being excited, as always, to continue doing great things for our children at TCA!

    Yesterday I welcomed back our entire staff, and presented to them my annual State of the School address, highlighting many of our successes from the past calendar year, while foreshadowing several “Big Things” on the horizon.  Please see below if you’d like to learn a bit more about those big things, including 1) Sunset Amphitheater Negotiations, 2) President Search, and 3) Digital Health Initiative.

    The Sunset Amphitheater:  Regarding the proposed amphitheater, which could be constructed adjacent to the TCA North Campus, last week our Board voted to enter negotiations with the owners of The Sunset, to investigate mutually beneficial interests.  For example, the owners have proposed constructing a new access road from Spectrum Loop into our North Campus. That would decrease daily TCA carpool congestion and allow easier ingress/egress for emergency vehicles, in exchange for sale/lease of TCA land parcels. In addition, that would provide additional TCA parking during daytime school year events and Sunset parking during nighttime summer concert events, while also funneling concert foot traffic toward the amphitheater and away from our school. While we continue to investigate these possibilities, we are pausing negotiations for now, to ascertain if the development plan for the amphitheater will achieve final approval by the city.  Accordingly, no TCA recommendations or decisions will be made prior to the upcoming presentation by the owners of The Sunset to the City Council. We remain, however, open to investigating future possible benefits to our TCA community, and we’ll continue to provide updates if/when discussions begin anew.

    President Search:   A joint Board/Administration President Search Committee has recently been formed, with TCA board members James Fradette and Kelli Hawkins, and the TCA Director of Human Resources Marta Schulz and Director of Academic Services Wes Jolly.  The Committee and Board recently approved the President job description and position posting, which can be accessed via our website, at  The position is being advertised locally and nationally, and applications will be accepted through January 20th.  The TCA Board is putting in place a multi-month comprehensive and phased search and selection process involving the entire TCA community (Board, Administration, Staff, Parents).  Our Board hopes to make a final selection by late spring or early summer, and will continue to update the community monthly as the selection process continues. 

    Digital Health Initiative:   The joint Board/Administration Digital Health Committee (Directors Scott Palmer and Sonya Wittleder, and TCA Administrators Wes Jolly, Robert Thomason, and myself) continues to collect community feedback, investigating whether or not to remove student access to their personal electronic devices during the school day. For clarity, students would still have access to their devices on school grounds before and after school, including afterschool events and activities.  Our year-long conversation and investigation is ongoing, with the Committee goal of making a recommendation to the Board in April regarding a possible future policy for next year and beyond.  Look for an associated student device question on our annual Parent Survey and Employee Climate Survey, coming soon. 

    As you can see, in addition to continuing to help our parents develop extraordinary children, there are lots of important things on the horizon requiring comprehensive discussion and evaluation, all with the goal of doing what’s best for our students and our community.  Speaking of… Save the Date!  Nationally recognized author, parenting expert, and K-12 character educator Dr. Michele Borba will be leading an evening TCA Parent Academy in the Brown Center on Thursday, Feb 16th! 

    As always, thank you for journeying with me and with our teachers and staff.


    Russ Sojourner    
    TCA President