• The Role of State Assessments

    Colorado has a series of educational standards known as the Colorado Academic Standards that outline academic objectives for students in every grade across 10 content areas. The standards are designed to ensure students are prepared to succeed in their path of choice upon high school graduation. Colorado has implemented a set of common assessments to evaluate student progress related to these standards known as the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) and partners with College Board on the PSAT/SAT.

     2023-2024 State Testing Information (College Pathways):

    The College Pathways testing window is April 15-19, 2024.  There are no regularly scheduled CP classes this week to allow space and time for state testing for all full-time students in 7th – 11th grade.  Students do not need to come to school this week unless they are scheduled for testing.  All testing takes place at College Pathways unless otherwise noted.

    Part-time students in 7th-8th grade can participate in CMAS testing, but CMAS testing does not meet the homeschool law requirement for a nationally standardized test.  Part-time students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades can opt to participate in PSAT/SAT testing.  Contact Mrs. Steiner if you would like your part-time student to test.  

    CMAS Testing: - CMAS tests are paper and pencil 

    • 7th grade:       English/Math, April 15,16 (two days are needed)
    • 8th grade:       English/Math/Science, April 15,16,17 (three days are needed)
    • 11th grade:     Science, April 16 or April 22

     PSAT/SAT Testing: - NEW PSAT and SAT are computer based

    • 9th grade:      PSAT 8/9, Wednesday, April 17
    • 10th grade:    PSAT 10, Thursday, April 18
    • 11th grade:    SAT, Saturday, March 9, at local area schools; OR SAT Make-up, Friday, April 19

    * The detailed testing schedule with testing start/end times and daily notes is here:  CP 2024 State Assessment Schedule by Grade.

    If you have questions, please contact our School Assessment Coordinator:

    Pam Steiner, CP Director of Assessments, psteiner@asd20.org