Elementary and Secondary Lunch Information


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    We call our lunch order in at 8:45am!
    If your child is going to be late for school, you may call the office with their lunch order before 8:45.
    For detailed information on our lunch program (including Free and Reduced Lunch) please click here.
    Hot lunch is NOT served on Fridays

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    Healthy school Meals for All

    Dear TCA Community,

    The Colorado Healthy School Meals for All program will begin in the 2023-24 school year. District 20 and TCA have opted into the Healthy School Meals for All program for the 2023-24 school year. Starting in August 2023, all students will have access to lunch school meals at their school for no cost. A la carte purchases and the cost to double a meal will continue to be offered for a fee. These purchases will be charged to the student’s meal account, or the student may pay for the food items with cash. Please note, Sodexo will no longer be offering credit to students (since one meal is free).  Students must have money in their account if they want to buy a second meal or an a la carte item.
    Program Student Fees Assistance
    Qualifying families should still submit applications for Free or Reduced Meal status, including the Release of Information form, to qualify for fee reductions for athletics, activities, and course fees.
    Through application to the Free and Reduced Meal program, certain school fees may be reduced or waived for families. Information regarding the program and applications is available at https://www.asd20.org/nutrition-and-food-services/free-and-reduced/. All TCA families are eligible to apply through the Academy District 20 program. Please be sure to fill out the Release of Information form so the TCA Finance Department has the information and can apply it to your family’s student fees as applicable. The Free and Reduced Meals application deadline is Sept 30 each year. Beginning this year, if a family misses the application deadline, fees will no longer be adjusted retroactively.  Moving forward, if a family qualifies for Free and Reduced Meals, but turns in their application after Sep 30, their fees will be reduced from that point on, but fees will not be adjusted that have already been paid.  For additional assistance with the payment of fees, contact the school principal.